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What Make WebCy A “Digital Firm”?

Based in Cyprus, WebCy is a creative IT firm specialising in digital media. By keeping our core team small and working with a handpicked network of specialists, we’re agile and responsive, extending our creative reach while safeguarding the close, collaborative relationship that our clients value from us.

We are not a company that only designs a website or develops programs.
We have contributed to the installation of irrigation and fertilization automation around the world. Moreover, we did this with radio signals, without using cables.









From The WebCy

Edip GUVENFounder / CEO
With the developing technology, the operation of companies also changes. Some companies make their conversions with their own IT employees. Of course, although this is not suitable for all companies, it creates an extra cost. Therefore, outsourcing service is inevitable. The important thing is to get to know you well and to choose a company that can guide you correctly and will always support you. As WebCy family, we want you to know that we aspire to this task, we wish you a lot of lucrative work.